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myDPO takes care of your GDPR compliance.

Discover our turnkey tool allowing you to meet the GDPR obligations in all simplicity

Created by experts and for operational personnel, myDPO is the intuitive solution for managing your company’s compliance with the obligations of the GDPR.

5 modules to monitor your compliance

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Suitable for group of undertakings

An GDPR compliance tool designed for you

Full support for DPO missions

  • A GDPR compliance management tool RGPD
  • Designed by data protection experts en protection des données
  • Covering the whole European Regulation européen

A tool available to your company’ operating functions

  • A simple, modern and intuitive interface
  • Helping and outreached descriptions
  • A multilingual tool available in french, english and spanish

An ideal facility for your company

  • A flexible offer taking your needs into account
  • Fully accessible online (Saas mode) without any IT integration
  • A dedicated technical assistance team composed of experts

An GDPR compliance tool designed for you

  • A self-evaluation of the compliance level (audit)
  • Analysis of the company’s degree of maturity
  • Implementation and monitoring of an appropriate compliance program
  • (Data controller)register maintenance
  • Data processors register maintenance
  • Inclusion of the group companies’ structure
  • Analysis of the data collection’s sensibility thanks to an artificial-intelligence based
  • system Management of the documentation facilitated by our digital safe
    • Data subjects’ askings management
    • Security data breaches management
    • Management, documentation and rating of the company’ partners
    • Execution of Privacy Impact Assesments
    • Reporting
    • Periodic Review
    • e-Learning
    • A made available support